Professor Gerry Derksen is originally from Canada where he went to the University of Manitoba’s architecture school and later graduate school at the University of Alberta. Under Jorge Frascara he studied visual communication design, which integrated user centred design philosophy with traditional marketing communication strategies. The subject of his masters thesis, “Jury perceptions of animation”, studied re-enactments of a crime scene to determine the prejudicial impact on a jury. Much of Prof. Derksen’s published research included interactive media for the web and stand-alone applications. Currently, he is Associate Professor at the Winthrop University in Visual Communication Design and active in the practice, research of communication design, usability and information design.

This site is a combination of both professional and research work Prof. Derksen has produced over the last 15 years as a designer and professor of design. Any feed back about the site, comments about his work, suggestions or just a "hello" are encouraged . Click 'BLOG' for public comments, this will avoid duplication, or use email to contact Gerry directly.